Removing the Rub Rails from Pontoon Boat

Trying to figure out how I’m going to replace the carpet.  The side railings were on top of the old carpet, bolted down to the deck, with lock nuts that are on the bottom of the pontoon boat.  I couldn’t even see most of the lock nuts, as they were between the pontoons and the the deck, in a small space only about two inches clearance. Continue reading

Painting Exterior, Pontoon Boat

I had some time before I headed to Texas.  I don’t think I mentioned before, but I bought the boat in Alabama, and had to pull it to Texas.  Since I still had some time, we decided to try and put a coat of paint on the side panels, just to see how hard it would be to cover up.  Continue reading

Pontoon Boat, Removing the Interior

Next step is to remove / gut the interior.  All of the seats are pretty much rotten.  Basically a real simple, but not easy process, with a pry bar and hammer.  We tried unscrewing and removing the bolts where we could, but most of them were too rusted or bent.  I was going to keep the old seats, and use them as a pattern to build the new seats.  However, we pretty much destroyed them taking them out.  They were just falling apart. Continue reading